"Your work on providing a devotional website of Sri Muthappan in the field of Sanatana Dharma is really valuable and much appreciated. At a time when basic human values are degenerating, it is indeed heartening and praiseworthy to note your efforts for using technology in an innovative way to reach the Supreme Being. May Divine Grace always be with you for the success of this project."

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

May this Website on Sri Muthappan help to realise the unity in diversity and achieve the goal of Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam (World as one family)

S K Kunhiraman Nayanar
Herditary Trustee, Kunnathurpadi Sri Muthappan Devasthanam.
Kunnathurpadi. Kannur Dist.

Your effort to depict the legend, life of mission of Sri Muthappan on the internet is a welcome one and great experience to his devotees the world over. Let Sri Muthappan bestow His blessings to you and all.

P M Bhaskaran Madayan
Trustee and General Manager, Parassini Madappura Sri Muthappan Temple.
Parassinikkadavu P O. Kannur Dist 670 563.

Mysteries of faith are difficult to unravel. Some people want justification for faith. But Sri Aurobindo asserts that faith requires no reason to support it; faith is implicit. Proof does not precede it, but stems from it. It has always been so. Faith in Sri Muthappan, which over a period of centuries, developed into an incredibly massive cult, belongs to this category. It is indeed strange that such an impressive phenomenon has not attracted serious scholarly studies from modernized intellectuals. This work on this rare phenomenon is a signal service for the English-knowing elite.

P Parameswaran.
Director, Bharatiya Vichara Kendram,
Samskrithibhavan. Fort, Thiruvanathapuram