Miracles all the way

Like Poonthanam to Guruvayoorappan, there are many ardent Sri Muthappan devotees. Lakhs feel His grace and cling to Him like children to mother and all get His blessing. Miracles do happen, and those who keep their eyes, ears and minds open can see, hear and convince themselves of the visible and invisible influence He wields.

Be a silent spectactor to devotees who interface with Sri Muthappan. People come to the Lord with small and big issues tormenting them. It may be for a baby to a childless couple, for a marriage to one’s daughter, for success in examination, solving a long-drawn litigation, to ward off evils, to prove a theft case, to improve business or for a job.

And Sri Muthappan is magnanimous to all devotees.

A woman, who had an aborted pregnancy, after long wait for a child, went to the Lord with her husband. Sri Muthappan asked: “Haven’t you lost the first? Don’t worry. Muthappan is always with you. You will get one. Isn’t it enough?” The couple could not hold back their tears when His soothing words served as balm to their burning hearts. And they need not have to wait for long. She conceived in the same month.

Another devotee who was residing in a rented shed in Kozhikode, having only one room for his living, went to Sri Muthappan with his family. They were sad over not having a house of their own where they can keep a picture of Sri Muthappan with sanctity. “You want a house, Muthappan knows. Next year you will have your own house,” the Lord said. The devotee could not believe. “I am finding difficult to make both ends meet. How can I have a house within a year?” he asked. “Don’t you have faith in Muthappan? When Muthappan desires, why should you worry about the resources? Everything will come to you.” And next year, he could own a house by the grace of Sri Muthappan. Resources flowed from unexpected quarters. As a thanks-giving gesture, the devotee conducted Vellattam at his house.
And it was in many ways an experience for hundreds of devotees who witnessed the Vellattam.
When the divine dance was in progress, the authorities of the nearby Nochipra Bhagavathy Temple, West Hill, Kozhikode, came to the venue. They said a boy had brought a few coins, a mango fruit, a silk piece, sugar and `theertham’ to the temple as offering to the Devi. They wanted to know who and why these offerings were sent to the temple. No one assembled had any knowledge of the happening. When asked, Sri Muthappan said, "I have done what he (the house owner) ought to have done". Sri Muthappan was paying obeisance to Goddess Bhagavathy on behalf of His devotee!
He also blessed the temple priest saying that the temple will become famous in the near future and His presence will be there.

In order to perpetuate the presence of Sri Muthappan, the priest provided a `peetham’ (pedestal) for Sri Muthappan. At times, during `Kalpana’, Sri Muthappan’s `uriyat’ can be heard here, and the number of devotees coming here has increased manifold. Sri P P Balakrishnan from Parassini Madappura had performed Vellattam here. This happened on May 29, 1996.

There are such experiences to lakhs of devotees.

There are other popular stories, old and new.

The story of a devotee from Kutaku in Kunnathurpadi is well known. He started from Kutaku to Kunnathurpadi to have a `darsan’ of the Lord. When he reached the forest at Kunnathurpadi, some dacoits surrounded him. The helpless devotee called Sri Muthappan and cried for help. Suddenly a tiger sprang on the dacoits and they had to flee for their lives. When Sri Muthappan intends to help, no one knows what form He takes.

That day, long after the usual time for removing the `thirumudi’ was over, Sri Muthappan did not do so. Only after the devotee reached the `sannidhanam’ and showering blessings on him, did the Lord remove the crown.

The story of the late Karakkattedam Unnaman Nayanar is equally interesting. Even after a long wait, he was not blessed with a progeny to carry out the Padi affairs. Worried over the uncertain future, Vanavar, during one festival period burst out when as customary, Sri Muthappan told "sthithicheyyanam Vanavare" (sit down) before His `pattola’ recital. Vanavar said: "There is none to sit here after me. So I am not sitting". Sri Muthappan said, "You will have one next year", A daughter was born to his sister Ulpalakshi Amma. That year also, Vanavar was reluctant to sit. Sri Muthappan told, "Karmabandha of generations cannot be wiped off by burning a bit of camphor or offering apiece of jaggery. Every birth has a purpose". Vanavar responded. "If Sri Muthappan doesn’t want me to have a heir to sit here, I do not wish to sit this time." Sri Muthappan consoled Vanavar and assured him that he would get a heir next year. And it came true. On February 18, 1950, the present trustee Sri S. K. Kunhiraman Nayanar was born to his sister, Kakki Akkon Amma.
"I was a landlord having thousands of acres. Now Only 20 cents of land and 50 cents of field remain. But like Krishna to Pandavas, Muthappan guides and saves me. When He is at the helm, I feel no worries," says Nayanar.

Crave for Sri Muthappan and cry for help, no wish will go unfulfilled. Ever-increasing number of devotees vouches for this.

Sri Muthappan worship has spread from Padi to Parassini and beyond Vindhyas. Now there are more than a dozen Sri Muthappan madappuras outside the State